Veena Kamath Profile

Ms.Veena Kamath graduated with an Economics major from Mumbai University and then went on to pursue her MBA from the USA. She specialized in Finance and then worked with the University of Alaska. After having stayed in the USA for several years, she moved to India with her family. Her career prior to joining MKCL has involved teaching the MBA students, networking with the University Alumni and volunteering with the schools for setting up Industry linkages.

Her journey in MKCL started from the first day MKCL began its operations. Her portfolio began with HR but she soon got involved in the mission of setting up the MKCL network and promoting the IT Literacy mission. She has been involved in the operational aspects to the strategic aspects of creating earning and learning opportunities to the youth.

Alongside her responsibility, she was involved in setting up the prestigious offices of MKCL in the International Convention Center, Pune and in Seawoods, Navi Mumbai.

Under her able leadership she has helped MKCL get the NABET certification issued by the Quality Council of India and the ISO certification of 9001:2015 issued by internationally acclaimed British Standards Institute.

She believes that her ability to handle large portfolios in MKCL is only because she is blessed with extremely intelligent, wonderful and trustworthy colleagues who work sincerely and passionately on MKCLs mission.

She loves to travel and has travelled to more than 38 countries around the world. Books are her second best friend and would love to curl up with a good book complemented by a good cup of tea.